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Y&W (You & Widowhood Ltd) is a not for profit organisation providing practical, simple information for anyone looking for assistance in planning for:

Why not use our checklists help you get started. They are free to download and can be found here.

Information about organisations who may be able to assist you can be found by clicking here.

It is not our intention to provide advice, rather our aim is to link you to information, resources and organisations that you can assist you to get started. Our resources have been developed as a result of our experiences with ageing, loss and difficult times and are intended as 'thought starters' to help you and your family plan responsibly for the future.

If you prefer a hard copy of the checklist or any of our other publications then please don't hesitate to email us via our contacts page and we make sure these are posted to you.

We trust that the information we provide will not only assist you, but encourage you to plan responsibly for the future.